Cannabis Myths and Facts

There are numerous myths and facts about Marijuana. Since this drug that has been in use since prehistoric times, it is good to learn what is factual and what elements are false pertaining to Marijuana. In the past it was used for recreational, as well as medical purposes. There are different types of Marijuana and […]

The Uses of Marijuana in Medicine Today

There are, in fact some medical uses of Marijuana, which are indeed positive aspects of this drug. Marijuana  can be administered to patients with the supervision of trained medical specialists. Medical marijuana contains the active  components of delta -9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Cannabidiol  (CBD), and 8 – caryophyllene. Although marijuana can be used in a negative manner, […]

Why More Baby Boomers Are Turning to Medical Marijuana

Grandpa pass the pipe. Unless you are Willie Nelson’s grandchild the idea of smoking a joint with a grandparent is unthinkable, right?  Well that might not be as far-fetched as it was in the past. Recent studies show that marijuana usage among people over the age of fifty is on the rise in the United […]

Cannabis Seed Growing – Part 5

The seeds have been in their rockwool cubes for just over 2 days now and overnight all 6 seeds have poked through and are at various stages of growth.  Some are growing more vigorous than others with the OG breaking through the rockwool first.  All 3 of these seedlings have shown different growth rates with […]